1. Excellent memories: they remember notions easily.
  2. Learning by themselves: they are often self-taught and precocious learners.
  3. Articulate thinking: they use “grown-up” language to convey intricate concepts and make complex connections.
  4. Curiosity and need for constant stimulation: this may emerge in any sphere for which children take a liking and they are likely to ask lots of questions in order to find out more.
  5. High levels of concentration: if they are interested in something, they can interact with it from an early age without getting distracted.
  6. Imagination and intuition: they are able to grasp how things work – from tools to complex political and ecological matters – simply through reasoning, without any prior experience.
  7. Perfectionism: they may suffer from a form of performance anxiety.
  8. Preferring their own company: they may realize that they are different from their peers and prefer to spend time on activities that are “unusual” for children.